Instructions to bring down the moon

In the comings and goings of your shy dance make a choice. Sometimes we forget in the wildness and the carnality of it all, but trust me. Unless you are absolutely certain that this is what you want you won’t achieve it. Don’t remain so consumed in your miserable existence nor fool yourself into thinking that this happens merely as a byproduct of your abundant ego. Because it’s not. You need to submerge yourself completely. Worship her. Embrace her. Tempt her core and undulate to her rhythm. Soak in her. Allow her to enlighten you.   Use your hands, your mouth, your voice, your mind and your body. Adore her and give in. Watch her rotate and turn around your world as her face darkens and lights up in the throes. Let her moisten you with her essence. Be surrounded by her tide. Listen to the signs, the sounds of the night, like the winds, the water, the moan of trees as they sway in the dark. She’s close now. This is it. You have her dancing in the palm of your hand. She is aware of you and herself but she is lost to your ministrations. Take her so high she’ll have no other choice but to come crashing down, her waves breaking against you, serene and unmovable stone, and so, among her uproarious impact against your world, you’ll know you’ll have brought down the moon.

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