He said…

It’s funny because I knew it. From the first day I feared that in your arms I’d burn. I knew that everything would change and a new life would begin. I knew that you’d steal my nights and days, that I wouldn’t forget you even if I wanted to because everything begins and is brighter when you look at me. Each passing day the tides rose and dragged me to the edge of your lips where dreams kept me awake.

Don’t leave me because I am better when I’m with you. Stay a little longer, the sun will come out shortly. I’ll pick up the memories and preserve the illusion. Now come on, slowly, without hurry, because I bring my naked heart.

I knew I’d get lost in your eyes and that it would be the most beautiful thing that could happen to me. One life with you is not enough but no one warned me. Don’t leave me alone that without you I don’t know what to do. Stay beside me where I can see you. That my hands are never lost when seeking you in the break of dawn because the more I discover you, the closer I am to paradise.






Everything changes. Now I know. But some things resist. I don’t pretend to be different. I’ve screwed up more than once. But I never forgot you because you’re one of those things that, no matter how much time passes, you never forget. Those kisses you gave me, you’d have to have bad memory to forget. Everything comes and goes but there’s an in-between in which you dwell in. I don’t pretend to convince you. Just stay a little while longer. After you, what can I expect? You’re one of those things I can’t forget.

I am an island in the middle of the sea. I am a broken dream. I am cigarette and then another and another. I am the time that’s run out. I am the unending space that you left behind. I am the memories that cannot be forgotten. I am a black and white picture. I am words that were never spoken. I am countless dawns that could only be felt with you. I am the kisses I never gave you. I am the time I’ve lost. I’m the distance between you and me. I am the hope that keeps me going if I ever see you again.

I am the things that I never saw when you were next to me. I am the times that I got lost and didn’t want to hurt you. I am an empty heart that could only be filled with you. I am the dreams that I stole from you. I am your loneliness and mine. I am the one who thinks that someday…

I am the hope that keeps me going if I ever see you again.

I am the certainty that I will change if I ever see you again.


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