The City


You are your best self when surrounded by the overwhelming city, as strange as it sounds. You want to live a quick, exciting life, full of adventure and new things. You enjoy seeing people, bright colors, and tall buildings that gleam in the sun. To most, the noise may be cacophonous but to you it is an anomalous orchestra that swings to the tune of your fast-paced imagination.

The city isn’t for most. It has a peculiar smell, the traffic is inconceivable, too many people, too many sounds. Like an ache in your body, your senses desire stimulation. You’re keen to absorb anything and everything around you. What you see is culture, art, talent, things to do, foods to try, and places to be. The city is a universal reconciliation of humanity.  It represents knowledge, human capacity, and just how far we are willing to go. It is a concrete jungle were we hustle and survive. The city represents unexpected possibilities. So many people to meet and see, so much to feel, inspiration can come from anywhere.

The city is a poison, a vice, the good, and the bad. It is dangerous and yet it thrives like a beacon for wayward sailors much like yourself. Your soul quivers adrift.

Anything can happen in The City. What are you waiting for?


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